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Gas prices drop 15-cents in one month


Right now, many drivers are paying less at the pump than a month ago. Gas prices have dipped 15-cents in the past month. 

Dorcas Pardue says she drives 60 miles a day for work. She fills up more than she'd like to, but anytime the meter stops before $60, she's happy. 

"Being about $4 less is pretty nice," said Pardue.  

On average, Virginians are paying $3.55 per gallon. That's about 10 cents lower than the national average of $3.64, 30 cents less than a year ago.  

Michael O'Connor with Virginia Petroleum says the cost of crude oil typically determines the cost of gas.  

"It had been going down since February first – and ticked up a little bit in the past couple of weeks but is it worth 90-dollars a gallon?" said O'Connor.

O'Connor also says prices in the metro area tend to tick up between May and October when the current gas is replaced with a more expensive, cleaner burning fuel for the warmer months.

"To say, long term, that prices are going to decrease is probably a little bit premature," O'Connor noted.

Drivers like Pardue are steering towards the positive side - hoping prices will continue a steady decline.  

"So that would help me out a lot if it kept going down that will definitely be a plus," Pardue said. 

"I think it's great," added Tom Neaves. "I don't understand why but I'll take it." 

Experts with Virginia Petroleum say the price of gas could go back up leading into the summer months, but right now it's too early to tell.

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