Another Eastern Shore Fire

Good morning it's Gray. Here's a look at some of the stories you will want to catch before you leave the house on 12 News Today. It's Good Friday! Kevin is in for Andrew with your Easter Weekend forecast.

Breaking: We have just learned that there has been another fire on the Eastern Shore. It happened in Accomack county almost six hours ago. Crews say they don't know the cause of the fire yet but as you may remember more than 70 arson fires have been set in the county since November.

This morning, new questions about why a blind and deaf man was put in an Eastern Henrico group home where he escaped, and was hit by a car. The victim died on Creighton Road, near his home for the disabled but family members say they never wanted him there in the first place.

Also developing, A former U.S. Soldier now stands charged of conspiring with an Al Qaeda group. What we know right now is that the man, who fought alongside Syrian rebels -- was arrested right here in Virginia.

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