MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Spring break deals

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Kids across our area are looking forward to next week's spring break. For those staying in town, NBC12's Diva of Discounts went looking for entertaining events that cost $5 or less so you can fill 10 days with no school.

When Alison Brown wants to get Henry and Andy out of the house, she knows they'll have a good time at the Meadow Farms Museum in Glen Allen.

"They have a great playground too. They have a lake. It's kind of a stop entertainment facility," said Brown.

Tucked away on Mountain Road, this is a working farm where youngsters can get up close and personal with the animals and it's absolutely free.

"They're going to have old-fashioned game, walking on stilts, I think I saw on the list. They'll be actually shearing the sheep that they have here on the farm, introducing you to how they care for the animals," said Brown.

All week long, there are free events through Henrico County parks, at Three Lakes Nature Center and Walkerton Tavern.

Maymont offers many different programs for the entire week, geared toward children of all ages.

"There's a small fee and registration, usually, but they're $5 or less for the most part. They have scavenger hunts and tours, teaching you to grow vegetables," she said.

At the Short Pump Town Center petting farm, children get the opportunity to interact with baby animals like bunnies, chicks and lambs. The farm is free and open to the public. It will be located in the main plaza, weather permitting, and will be open all week.

"A lot of the libraries, you know they have the regular story time and they also have maybe a movie, special game night for older kids, sometimes crafts things like that."

Check your library's website. Most have a calendar for upcoming activities.

Alison's blog, Richmond Bargains, has the complete list of everything going on around town.

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