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Neighbors say driver of mystery van responsible for multiple thefts


Neighbors are on high alert trying to catch a mystery van. They say the driver is responsible for multiple thefts in the area.

It's happening in the Forest View neighborhood between Westover Hills and Jahnke Road off Forest Hills Boulevard. 

The chatter all began with a picture of a suspicious van on social media. Now, police say they're looking into several complaints about the driver of this van.  

A neighbor snapped a picture of the conversion van driving through the Forest View neighborhood. Reports from the Hills and Heights Twitter page show someone stole a neighbor's grill a few weeks ago. They saw the suspect leaving in a van that looks very similar to the suspicious van on social media sites. It is navy blue with a light stripe near the middle.

"I don't think it's right for people to do stuff like that," said Neighbor Henry Leadbetter.

"For something to be that close to my house, it freaks me out a little bit," said Solomon Miles.  

Police say they know about the crimes and they're looking for the driver. Miles believes the picture of the van was taken on his street.

On Wednesday, a post on the neighborhood's Facebook page says the driver of the same van went onto private property and looked through a construction dumpster. Miles says his dogs were barking more than usual the other night. 

"So I went out, looked around, but didn't see anything," said Miles. "They might have just seen the van or seeing those guys doing whatever they were doing, but I'll pay more attention to the dogs next time."

Officers couldn't comment on specifics, but we did some digging. From January 1 to  March 23, police have six reported larcenies all in the Forest View neighborhood, the same area where someone snapped the photo of the van. 

"I just think there's a more honest way to make money if they're doing it just to sell stuff to make a quick buck," Miles added. "It's hard times and everybody is affected by it, but not everybody results to that kind of behavior."  

"I'm going to be on the watch out and if I see the van, I'm going to call police and get the license number," Leadbetter said.  

If you spot the van, call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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