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Pile of stolen items found on road after break-ins in Chesterfield


Chesterfield Police are investigating dozens of car break-ins in two neighborhoods about 3.5 miles apart.

Police reported 18 thefts at the Vining Apartments at Ironbridge and at least nine more in Kings Crest.

"Everything was open," victim Sarah Elmore described. "The glove compartment, the middle console had been opened."

Neighbor after neighbor in he apartment complex had ransacked cars, but no one heard a peep that night.

Cher Schreiner was awake as some of the burglaries happened outside her home.

"In that double window right there, and I heard nothing," said Schreiner. "So they were probably good and quick with whatever they were looking for."

A few miles away the same night, Pam Shaw's neighborhood was hit. Both cars in her driveway were ransacked. 

"He had an iPod, and my other daughter's nook was in his car so that's pretty much gone now too," said Shaw. "His IDs, debit, credit cards were all taken as well."

But then the Shaws found something they didn't expect just up the road. Pam says when her kids came home from school and as they were walking by this area, they saw a pile of stuff and then they looked in this water and actually found their dad's stolen ID.

"His ID, like his drivers license, a Subway card and the little wallet thing that he holds everything in," said Shaw.

A day later, NBC12 found the same pile, just as police arrived to collect the evidence. There were more credit cards and IDs sitting in the grass, and police confirm, this pile of items belonged to victims in the rash of car break-ins.

Police aren't saying for sure whether the car break ins in the two neighborhood were connected, but they are looking into it.

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