12 INVESTIGATES: Upcoming furloughs for some in Metro Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The thousands across Metro Richmond who face furloughs will find out this week if they are losing pay because of those massive budget cuts.

Several workers tipped me off this week that the notices for furloughs have started. None of these workers want to be identified for fear of losing their jobs.

By law, they must be given a 30-day notice before the cuts in pay start.

This effects two large work forces in Central Virginia. At the Defense Supply Center in Richmond is the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation.

Only one percent of the workers are actually military, so more than 2,800 people are expecting furloughs here.

Over at Fort Lee in the Tri-Cities, some 5,500 workers will likely lose pay.

Here's how it works: the furloughs will be once a week for the rest of the fiscal year - which ends in September. Again, notices will go out to the affected employees by March 21. So the furloughs won't actually begin until 30 days later - around April 21.

The furloughs amount to about a 20 percent cut in their pay.

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