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Chesterfield battling silent domestic violence victims


No warning, no way to tell- but in less than a week two people are dead, another wounded and police say both are the result of domestic violence.

Chesterfield is trying to head off these tragedies and others like them. It happened as recently as last week when we covered that murder suicide in the Castle Glen area. Police say they're just not getting a lot of warning about incidents of domestic violence and now they're trying to develop a plan to attack that, so this doesn't happen again.

Every day, Tana Mooney reaches out to domestic violence victims. She's read through thousands of police reports in the last year and made hundreds of calls to victims.

She says domestic violence has a pattern. There are usually "flags" of a problem- small problems before big ones. It's her job to get domestic violence victims help before they end up in a deadly situation. 

"The most recent shootings that we've had, there have been no calls to the police department," said Mooney. "So, that's been a challenge for us to gauge what's going on and what these victims are thinking." 

Take a look back at some of the cases we followed just in the last year. Mia Williams die din her Brandy Oakes home after reportedly being stabbed by her husband.

Barbara and Elizabeth Fassett were both allegedly killed by Elziabeth's one time boyfriend, Herbert Bland.  

Police say in these cases, they got no calls of domestic problems beforehand. Just Sunday, police say Edward Lee Jacobs was shot after a domestic dispute.

Sunday, police say Edward Lee Jacobs was shot after a domestic dispute. But there was no record of calls to police before that.

 And while protective orders may have been filed through the court, and victims may share problems with their families, it seems victims aren't calling police.

"A lot of times it's fear. It's fear of the situation getting worse. And you know if the police are involved and say their husband or boyfriend gets arrested, that's a loss of income."

Police worry the consequences could be grave. It's why they're speaking out now.

If you do need help, but aren't ready to call police you can call these places for help:


804-643-0888 (24 hour hotline- service Cfield), can talk anonymously

through the Domestic and Sexual Violence Resource Center

YWCA - 804-643-0888 (24 hour hotline- service Cfield), can talk anonymously

Domestic and Sexual Violence Resource Center - 804-318-8265 (business hours)

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