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Family pleads for information in 6-year-old murder case

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A Richmond family wants help solving the mysterious murder of their loved one six years ago.

James Seay was gunned down in South Richmond in 2007, but no one has been held responsible. Authorities tell us they need more cooperation from the public to bring the suspects to justice because key pieces are missing. Detectives are still looking for something, like eyewitness testimony or forensic evidence, to pin the suspects they have in mind to Seay's murder.

Andrea Jones remembers June 11, 2007 like it was yesterday. It was the day she lived every parent's worst nightmare.

"When I got home from work I had a card in my door said 'call the detective,'" she recalled. "I knew when they come to your door it's nothing good."

Jones was told her 24-year-old son was shot multiple times. His body was found on the corner of Warwick and Bramwell roads, where she says he was walking to their home just a few minutes away. Police believe he was the victim of a robbery turned deadly.

Back in 2008, someone was arrested for the murder but prosecutors could only go forward with a gun charge. They had to drop the murder count because they didn't have cooperating witnesses.

Richmond Police and the Commonwealth's Attorney's office say the case is still being investigated. They have multiple suspects but again not enough evidence to make the murder charge stick.

Sources say the person who was arrested was not the shooter and, as part of a plea deal, will have to testify against the others involved. But that's not enough to move forward. Jones hopes someone living near the crime scene sees this story and helps detectives.

"Look at it," she explained. "It's surrounded by houses. Somebody had to hear, you know, but people scared and that's what's wrong. Everybody scared but you shouldn't be scared because what they did to him they could do to somebody else. I mean they walking around killers every day."

Until those criminals are off the streets, only one thought brings her solace.

"You can hide but God still knows what you did," she added.

If you have any information that can help close this case, call (804) 780-1000 or (804) 646-5034.

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