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Experts predict active termite season


A mild winter and recent rain could make termites issues especially bad this year.

Termite season has already started and these pests could cause a lot of damage if you don't act early. Crews are already seeing infestations.

Shirley McEntire has always made a point to treat her home early. She doesn't want these pesky creatures leaving her with thousands of dollars in repair bills.

"We've always had a service in our other home for about 35 to 40 years," said McEntire. "We had a service from the very beginning, and we never had any problems, and again the same here so I think we'll be alright."

Crews with Loyal Termite Pest Control spent the day treating homes on McEntire's street. Right now, they are not infested, but without the proper treatment they could be. Colonies can live under homes for several years. Eventually, they'll start feeding their way inside. 

Many times, you can even find them outside in your dirt or crawling up the outside wall of your home. They chew through wood, flooring, sheet rock, wallpaper and more. Pest control expert Leon Evans says the warmer, sunnier weather Tuesday following a long period of rain provides a perfect environment for termites.

"If the temperature was to go up another five or 10 degrees today, we may get a swarm somewhere," Evans said.

Evans has already seen swarms this year, but McEntire has nothing to worry about since crews are pest-proofing her home.

Typically termite damage is not covered through homeowners insurance - another reason to have your home checkout out earlier rather than later. The termite season typically runs through June. Experts say termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year.

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