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Police seek suspects in car vandalism spree

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Police say thieves are targeting cars in Chesterfield and people living there aren't happy about it.  Police say someone is shooting out neighbors' car windows, leaving them with expensive repair bills.

One family living in the Hunters Landing neighborhood off Bailey Bridge Road was so upset they contacted NBC12. Chase Meredith just wants to provide for his five-month-old daughter and his girlfriend. 

"It just kind of broke my heart," said Meredith. 

That's not easy for him to do now after police say someone shot out his car window. Right now, the car is parked outside his mom's house on Poachers Run until he can fix it.

"I work 13-14 hours a day, six days a week," Meredith said. "I have to support her and my family and everything like that. It's just more money I have to shell out of my pocket." 

Chase's mom remembers hearing kids laughing in the street Thursday evening, but never heard a gunshot.  

"I went through as much of the glass as I could bug couldn't find the bb or the pellet," said Angela Meredith.  

The family believes someone could have used a spring-loaded tool pressing on the surface leaving a hole similar to the size of a BB.  

Police say Chase's car was one of seven vandalized and there were three on his street. They happened between Courthouse Road and 288. Windows were busted or cars were keyed. Most of it occurred near Chases' part of town, south of Hull street. 

"It just makes me feel like there aren't that many good people in this generation nowadays," Chase added. "Kids are running around shooting out windows for fun. They don't think about other people's kids. they don't think about if this was my car how would I feel if I had to shell out money I don't have to be able to fix it." 

It could cost a couple hundred dollars to repair the window. 

"That's why I called NBC12," said Angela.  "I was hoping that maybe if somebody sees this and they know somebody who's been doing it maybe somebody will call the police." 

Right now, Chesterfield Police aren't linking these vandalism cases to the same suspects. If you can help officers make an arrest, Call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.   

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