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Chesterfield home vandalized, set on fire


A Chesterfield family wants answers after their home is attacked with racist graffiti and fire overnight. Now, the peace of their Chesterfield neighborhood is shattered.

A quiet area just off Newby's Bridge road is now dealing with what residents call the most offensive damage in nearly 30 years. 

Right now, the tenants are even considering moving out. They were sound asleep while these vandals spray-painted their home and set part of it on fire. 

O. DeShea Cuthrell counts his blessings his dog Mocha woke him up in time to find his front porch on fire.

"I could have lost my family behind such a senseless act," said Cuthrell.  

Cuthrell, his wife and three sons made it out safely, but found something even more disturbing plastered on their home- racist words so offensive we have to blur them out.

"It's absolute anger because this is my home. This is where my wife and kids where my family lay our heads," Cuthrell added. "For somebody to violate us like that, and to put our lives in jeopardy for no apparent reason is beyond me." 

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Charlie Krausse has lived here 30 years and he's never seen anything this offensive. He came by to assess the damage and notify neighbors.  

"It's something that's totally uncalled for and not consistent with what we want this neighborhood to represent," said Krausse.  

The vandals even set Cuthrell's car on fire. Most of the parts were donated to him for his cancer foundation. His mom and sister are survivors. He planned on using this as a vehicle for cancer awareness - having survivors and victims sign their names here. 

"That dream for that particular car has been muffled but I still have the goal and the dream - maybe not that car, but maybe another one," Cuthrell noted.  

In the meantime, the music minister is just thankful his neighbors are so willing to help him clean the mess while he decides whether he still wants to live here.  

If you can help Chesterfield police find the vandals, call crime stoppers, anonymously, at 748-0660. The family says they can't think of any reason why someone would target them in such a hateful, violent manner. They've lived there nearly three years and have never had any problems until now.

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