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Police warn truckers to avoid "Snake Road"


Police are warning truckers not to us a stretch of Ruffin Mill Road from I-95 to I-295. The road is often referred to "Snake Road" by residents, because it is windy and narrow. Officials say GPS units are advising truckers to use the cut-through to get to a nearby truck stop, but the road is closed to tractor trailers.

"We have it signed in places but appears the trucks on Ruffin Road ignore the signs because the GPS units show this is the shortest path to the truck stop!" said Butch Sirry with VDOT.

The shortcut is causing backups, accidents, and dangerous situations.

"They'll come around the corner and they'll think they have the right of way," said Al Sanderson, who lives in the neighborhood. "I'll have to stop and they'll expect whoever is the car to back up, because he has the truck and I have the car and he wasn't moving."

You can see the proof on the side of the road, tracks from vehicles that didn't fit. With only 2 lanes trucks don't have a whole lot of options to turn around, making it difficult for other cars to pass.

" I've been late multiple times taking kids to school, not able to get to my house due to a truck that's not going any further, or a vehicle that's been in a ditch," said Eric Gryder. "Due to the fact that the truck was going the way it shouldn't."

VDOT officials say they are working on making new flashier signs to try to keep the trucks off the road.

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