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Richmond teens open up in "Male Teen Talk"

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A group of ninth and tenth grade students are getting the opportunity to learn true lessons of life at Armstrong High School. However, it is up to them to determine whether or not the lessons will eventually pay off.

The lessons are part of a new program called "Male Teen Talk", where young men are encouraged to talk, and more importantly, listen.

"We're dealing with social issues in the school system. We're not just dealing with academics. These kids are going to go out into the world. They need to know how to manage their finances. They need to know how to date safely. They need to know how to be in a healthy relationship," said Fatherhood and Urban Programs coordinator LeMar Bowers.

Each week, the young men learn about these subjects and more. William Totto decided to sign up for the program for personal growth.

"I want to learn more than just school. I want to learn how to be somebody. I just want to learn basic stuff, like how to date, how to manage your money," said Totto.

Montana Magruder signed up for the same reasons, especially for a lesson in money management, which he says is already paying off.

"Now, I have been managing it a lot lately and actually doing pretty good with my money, saving it well for college and my first car," said Magruder.

That is the goal of this unique program- for young men to have a goal, and work to make it happen.

"We hope that the boys will improve their general life skills, that they will understand what it takes to become a man, what it takes to become a good father and in the future, potentially a good husband," said First Things First founder Bob Ruthazer.

"Male Teen Talk" kicked off February 5, and is also being held at Huguenot High School.

The program is being presented by First Things First of Greater Richmond, along with its partners, Richmond Public Schools and Sweet Frog.

The seven-week pilot program is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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