MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Home decor at Curtain Call

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Investing in a few good quality items can transform your home's appearance. Here's how you can find fancy home decor at prices you'll find reasonable.

Ellen Bradley's home looks like it has been put together by a professional. She's filled the rooms on her own with beautiful, expensive items, but she didn't pay retail prices for any of it.

"The only way that I could have items in my home that I have, that are custom and high end, is by shopping Curtain Call," said Bradley.

Some rooms were purchased all at once.

"The fabric for the bed came from one consignor, the drapes came from another consignor and the valances were yet another consignor."

Other areas were compiled over years.

"I found the wallpaper, which ended up being the inspiration for the room. The following year, I found the love seat, and the year after that, I found the silk curtains and the panel hardware."

The sunroom is her favorite room in the house, and it cost less than $1,000 to put together. The curtains alone would have been $2,000 to $3,000 retail.

"A lot of that hard work is done for you."

The ladies who run the sale group matching items from different consignors.

"I'm not sure I would've ultimately put everything together, but it was displayed together."

The price tag for the room is less than $500. Ellen Bradley loves to shop the sale, but she also gets a lot of that money back by consigning her unwanted items.

"I have consigned probably one of everything."

Bradley says she's made as much money as she's spent - consignors get 50 percent of the sale price.

"It just makes those types of things affordable whereas otherwise they would not be."

Curtain call opens to the public this Saturday at 11 a.m. The sale is located at the Canterbury Shops on Patterson Avenue.

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