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Police search for suspect in teen shooting


We have new developments tonight in a South Richmond shooting that has a 16-year-old fighting for his life. Police say he was shot Saturday night near 11th and Decatur streets, right off Hull street in Manchester. 

Neighbors and businesses owners say a teen party may have been going on in a nearby vacant building. 

"It was just so scary to wake up this morning and hear that a kid had gotten shot," said Frank Pitchford who owns Send A Chef right down the street.

He just opened a couple weeks ago and doesn't want this recent scare to discourage customers.  

"One bad thing doesn't destroy a whole neighborhood," Pitchford said.  

It still worries people who run businesses here. Richmond police say a teen shot a 16-year-old boy near 11th and Decatur streets before 10:00 p.m. An employee at another neighborhood restaurant, Croaker's Spot, even saw the teen wounded right down the street from where he works. 

"I saw the boy laying down there at the end of the street," said the employee. "I saw a lot of police. I saw him laying on his face. He had like three bullet wounds in his back."

Police on scene tell NBC12 there was a teen party earlier that night at an abandoned building on Hull street; just a just a couple buildings down from Pitchford's place.  

"We saw a lot of kids here yesterday evening," Pitchford noted. "We shut down at 9:00 p.m. The street was just full of kids. When you're doing little teen clubs, you really need some security these days." 

Pastor Charlie Jones says he and his congregation are praying in church Sunday for the kids involved in Saturday night's shooting.  

"This morning I was very disturbed," said Pastor Jones. "I was talking with the saints here that we need to pray more, canvass the neighborhood, and let them know that Christ is the way. Not violence, not guns, not fighting." 

To curb that violence, police made their presence known in the neighborhood Sunday, working to help prevent further violence in this area.  

Investigators have not identified the victim and they haven't said what led up to the shooting. A suspect remains at large. If you saw anything, call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.  

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