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John Rolfe student charged with distribution of marijuana

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A Henrico middle school student faces serious criminal charges right now because police say she brought drugs to school and may have been trying to sell.

Police say a teacher spotted a 14-year-old girl with marijuana at John Rolfe Middle School and called in a school resource officer.

"I think the most shocking part is that it's starting at such a young age," said Dennis Chaindler, who works in Varina.

Some parents weren't surprised about the allegations.

"There's been a big problem with drugs around the schools," said Katiana King, a parent.  "Maybe middle school is a little young, my kids both went there and there were problems then."

Police say the resource officer has charged the teen with distribution and sale of drugs at a school.

Officers wouldn't say where the girl got the marijuana or how much she had, but they did arrest her. She was later released to her father.

"I think, in general, the drug problem is getting worse, and younger age groups are getting exposed to it," said King.

This isn't the first time John Rolfe has been in the news. Two other students this month got in trouble for bringing knives to campus. While police say nobody was ever in any danger during those incidents, both students were charged as well.

This isn't the only incident this week of a student bringing marijuana to school. Police say in Chesterfield, at Salem Church Middle school, a 13-year-old boy was also charged.

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