MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Grocery gas rewards

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Many consumers consider their gas and grocery budgets as two separate expenses, but taking advantage of one can eliminate the other.

Martin's weekly gas deals changed the way I shop. The ad says, "Buy five, save 20 cents a gallon." That's $4 off of a 20-gallon fill up.

I always look for the cheapest product I can match with a coupon. This week, I took advantage of the Martin's brand 2-liter sodas. These only cost 79 cents each, and when I buy five, I save 20 cents a gallon. With tax, I pay $4.15 - but I'll get $4 worth of gas. When you factor in the savings, that's like getting five 2-liters for 15 cents.

Each gas category has a limit of 10 per customer. If you bought 50 sodas, you'd spend $41.48 and get $40 in gas, but you'd also get 50 2-liters of soda.

Tiffany Cutts shops the way I do, sharing her shopping adventures on her blog, Young and Frugal in Virginia.

"Giant brand cat food is on sale for 33 cents this week, plus when you buy five, you get 20 cents off per gallon, so you spend $1.65 for five cans, earn 20 cents off per gallon, and then you can buy 50 cans - spend $17.50, including tax, and earn $2 off per gallon," said Cutts.

You get more than $22 in free gas.

Then there are the gas reward products that have coupons to match. This week, it's Progresso Soup Starters. Buy seven, get 40 cents off a gallon - that's $8 in gas. These are priced at $1.33, but I have a bunch of "50 cents off one" coupons. I pick up 7. The first coupon doubles, the rest are face value. $9.78 in products dropped to $5.78 after coupons, and got me $8 in gas.

Martin's offers new gas rewards each week staring on Sunday.

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