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Montpelier cancer survivor turns 105

Beatrice Hill Pryor Beatrice Hill Pryor

Thursday is a very special day for a Montpelier woman. Beatrice Hill Pryor is turning 105.

Pryor is called "Granny Bea" and she was born on February 29, 1908. It was a leap year, so really she may only be turning 26 and a quarter, but any way you look at it this cancer survivor has been witness to an amazing amount of history.

To give you a sense of how long ago she was born, 1908 was the year Ford introduced the Model T.  She was four when the Titanic went down and probably enjoyed one of the very first Oreo cookies back when they were introduced in 1912.

Crossword puzzles weren't around until she was five, and she was 20 when the first Mickey Mouse cartoon came around.

She's also been lucky enough to live to see Halley's Comet not just once, but twice.

She's had quite a family over the years. She had seven children of her own, who gave her 25 grandchildren. She has 42 great grandchildren and now has 20 great, great grandchildren to call her own. That's 94 people who are here in part because of Granny Bea.

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Happy birthday from all of us at NBC12. We hope you celebrate many, many more!

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