Nude Pictures at Pizza Hut

Hi There it's Sabrina,

Coming up at 11, we've got late breaking details on a college campus shooting.  A lockdown was ordered at Coastal Carolina University after a shooting at a school apartment complex.

We've got pictures coming in from a charter bus crash on I95 tonight that injured more than a dozen college student athletes.

A Richmond customer stunned to see a man looking at naked pictures  inside a  local Pizza Hut restaurant reported it to the manager, only to discover the man peering at  nude laptop pictures was an employee.  You've got to watch or you'll never believe what the manager had to say about the workers break time activity.

Plus an enraged ex husband learns his punishment for killing his former wife.  Tonight the victim's loved ones talk about the day he fired a barrage of bullets as the young mother hid in a closet and pleaded with him to stop.  Hear what they have to say about a history of abuse at 11.