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Family reacts to the sentencing of Ryan Markham

Ryan Markham Ryan Markham
Sabrina Markham Sabrina Markham

A painful chapter in the lives of a Hanover family has finally come to an end. Ryan Markham the man convicted of killing his estranged wife Sabrina, will spend the rest of his life in prison. Markham was sentenced to two life sentences Tuesday afternoon in a Hanover courtroom.

Through tears, Sabrina Markham's sister detailed horrific details from that fateful day, but the most heartbreaking part of her reaction to the verdict was that she seemed to know all along that this day would come.

Tina Riechwein's sister Sabrina died in a horrific and painful way. It was a death her family feared every day for three years.

"We were always very fearful because he had threatened to kill her and the kids," Riechwein said outside the Courtroom.

Her sister's killer Ryan Markham will now pay for his crimes. He was sentenced to two life sentences for his ex-wife's murder and the attempted murder of her boyfriend Blake Minter.

Markham will spend the rest of his life in jail. It was the harshest sentence he could receive, but it does little to dull Tina's pain.

"There is just no closure. There is no satisfaction or anything," she said. "No matter what they give him, or what he goes through, it's just not to compare to what she has gone through. And she is gone forever. "

Sabrina's death is bad enough, but the way she died will linger with the family she left behind forever.

"That day when he had to drive the 20 minutes out to my sister's home. He had to step over his own children's toys to get to my sister, hiding," Tina recounted. "She pleaded with him."

He listened to her pleas through a closed closet door as she cowered in fear. He then fired 11 shots at point blank range killing his estranged wife in a fit of rage.

It was all because, as her sister believes, Sabrina refused to accept his abuse any longer.

"He hit raped her, he hit her and she could take no more," she said.

And now she is gone. She is no longer in fear but has left behind a grieving family that may never recover from her loss.

"It is really hard to grasp the forever part," said Tina.  

Now the families will fight to protect the future of two innocent children ages 4 and 8, who will grow up without any parents.

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