Hey it's Sabrina,

It's the talk of the town in Louisa.   The 80 year old vice-mayor and her teenage grandson both charged with domestic assault and battery.  The alleged victim is the elderly woman's husband.  Police say they've been called to the home more than once.  Tonight at 11,  hear why authorities insist this time they will prosecute.

For 13 years a local man paid thousands in child support.  He was even jailed for missing some payments.  Now a DNA test proves he's not the father!  So why is he still on the hook for more than twenty thousand dollars and due in court next week? He details his fight with the system and a legal expert weighs in at 11.

Plus, a  budget bombshell at Richmond City Hall tonight! Near 50 central office school employees may lose their jobs and two local schools are in danger of being closed.  We break down the money squeeze .  Join us  for 12 News, it's minutes away!