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ETX homeowner catches tire theft on camera


An East Texas homeowner is furious over a theft of his property right out of his front yard in broad daylight on a small private road. But he's counting on a security camera video to bring the thieves to justice.

It was Tuesday , that security camera's caught two men stealing very expensive tires from the front yard of Jeff Ridens off a private road near Union Grove, not knowing they were seen on a security camera.

"I came home from work one day, didn't notice they were gone. My neighbor stopped me asked me if I was missing any wheels and tires. So I drove back down here and saw they were gone," Ridens says.

Ridens had put up the security cameras after a rash of burglaries in his neighborhood, and caught the two men in the act.

"I couldn't believe it , not very smart," he says.

Ridens doesn't think this was random. By passing the video around to friends on facebook , at least one of the men in the video was recognized.

"I asked some of my friends, because he actually went to school with us, I didn't recognize him by my friends did," he says.

In the video the men appeared to casually check to see if anyone was watching. Then hurriedly loaded the tires and left. Ridens has filed a report with authorities , and is going to turn over the security video on Monday.

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