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Transportation bill may cost taxpayers more everyday


Better roads and highways are what state lawmakers say they're fighting for this Friday night. But not without a cost; when the senate resumes in the morning, the Transportation Bill may finally pass after nearly two decades, but it includes tax hikes on things we buy every day.

It's not a big increase but the truth is it could add up. If you buy a new car, the sales tax would go up 1.3 percent, and when you go to get it titled, it'll no longer cost you a minimum of $35 dollars but $75 dollars. On top of that, let's say you bought a hybrid car, well that's going to cost you an extra $100 alternative fuel fee every year.

While it's not every day you get a new ride, it is almost everyday people go out for groceries, and that cost may also go up.

Lawmakers want to increase the sales tax from 5 percent to 5.3 percent - not much, but exactly how much does it mean?

We did a little grocery shopping of our own to get a better idea. We bought the basics including milk, eggs, toilet paper, and bread. Some grocery items are taxed at different rates, but generally, if this bill goes through my bill for all of this would be roughly a few cents higher.

Shoppers around Richmond say they're ok with that as long as lawmakers do their part.

"If it's just a little, I can go with it, but not too much," said Richmond shopper, Cynthia Packer.

"I'm ok with give out a little bit more, if it's going where they say," said Richmond shopper, Bonnie Galvin.

Lawmakers say they're going to take the money - about $880 million a year - and use it to fix the roads and improve highways.

"I want the highways to be improved but I don't want the taxes to go up," said Packer.

State senators adjourned tonight before voting on the transportation bill. They're coming back to the state capitol tomorrow morning to make a decision.

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