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Supercan leads to major Richmond crime bust


Richmond Police say they have arrested three men wanted in a major burglary ring.

A Supercan helped crack the case and put the men linked to 28 burglaries behind bars.

"To come in after burying your mom and to come home to a house that's burglarized," said Marquita Wilson. "I just felt like turning into dust."

Wilson will never forget the 2012 Christmas holiday.

"I kept this door locked and they just kicked this door in or pushed it in," said Wilson. and "They ransacked the room...took jewelry."

The crooks also took her gun. The three men arrested and accused of the crime lived just down her same street along 19th and Albany Avenue.

"People that I've said hello to," said Wilson. "People that said I'm sorry for the loss of your mom...stole my things."

Police spotted the suspects pushing a Supercan along an alley in 16 degree weather. When they looked inside the garbage can they found two flat screen televisions. The men told police they were dropping them off at a girlfriend's house. Police decided to confiscate the televisions and let them go.

"At that point in time if we have no crime we can't charge them," said Lt. Jeremy Sayles. "So we did our homework, and it turned out for the best for us and the victim."

Police pulled the serial numbers for the televisions and later linked Roderick L. Johnson, Paul L. Johnson, and Nathaniel L. Johnson to more than 28 burglaries.

"They built rapport with that suspect and he actually confessed to a good portion of these burglaries," said Lt. Sayles.

Lt. Sayles says one of the men took detectives house by house pointing out all the neighbors they'd allegedly hit. Two of the men are brothers, the other is a cousin.

The Johnson men are due in court March 5.

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