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Cisneros Family: ‘We forgive’ Willow lawn murderer


After being sentenced Thursday, Susana Cisneros' killer begged her family for forgiveness. Thursday night, Susana's brother answered his plea.

"We forgive him, we definitely forgive him," said Sergio Cisneros.

March 8, 2011 is a day Sergio Cisneros has relived in court over and over again. That was the day his sister was found brutally stabbed to death in the parking lot of the Chipotle restaurant where she worked. Almost two years later, Cisneros says his journey for justice has finally come to an end.

"Now we have peace," said Sergio Cisneros. "My family and I can move on."

Cisneros said through their tragedy his family has only gotten closer. Together, they cried when the judge sentenced Gregory Nelson, Junior to life in prison for murdering Susana and the couple's unborn child.

"It's emotional. At one point me and my family were falling apart," he said.

What's not shocking is that Cisneros felt relief when Nelson was sentenced but what is shocking: Cisneros feels sorry for his sister's killer.

"It's not just losing one family," Cisneros said. "It's losing two families."

Perhaps the most emotional moment in court was when Nelson took the stand. Crying, he begged the Cisneros' for forgiveness.

Now, with one chapter finally closed, the Cisneros family can write the next. While Sergio Cisneros says it will take awhile for things to go back to normal, he's confident that they will.

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