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Tonight in an exclusive 12 News interview, a grieving brother explains why he forgives the man who stabbed to death his little sister, two weeks before she was to give birth to her first child.  The married man who fathered that child is serving a life sentence.  Coming up, the victims' relative talks about the road to justice.

A Richmond woman returns home after burying her mother, only to find thieves have ransacked the place.  About the same time, police find three people pushing a supercan down the street, inside the stolen goods!  In another shocker, the woman learns the suspects are her neighbors and they're accused in dozens of area burglaries.

Dirty Dishes land a Chesterfield County restaurant on the critical list.  We'll tell you how many violations and how they handled the bad write up at 11.

Plus, a warning about your morning commute.  Icy conditions could make things slippery on the roads.  We've got your chilling forecast tonight at 11!