MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Product testing - Ped Egg

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Pedicures beautify the feet, but at $20 to $30 a visit, polishing up those tootsies can get pricey.

My husband works 40 hours a week walking on concrete in a freezer - and his feet show it. He's going to try the "Ped Egg" to see if it will remove his thick calluses. The products claims to remove dead skin leaving a baby-soft look and feel without a mess.

The top and bottom pop together easily. Before we start, he put down paper - in case the Ped Egg didn't catch all the dead skin. Then onto the hard work.

The skin is coming off, but after one minute:

"I feel like I just put my foot through a cheese grater."

It's not painful, but the process can be. My husband broke a sweat scrubbing back and forth for ten minutes straight. Plus we found it to be messy.

"Better for outdoor use than indoor."

The Ped Egg is supposed to catch all that dead skin in the self contained compartment:

"To hold it like that is really uncomfortable, and can't see what I'm doing."

Clearly, most of the shavings are not contained.

Step two - smoothing the skin with a course, flat file.

"The amount of effort I'm using, I feel like I'm doing wood work."

It took a lot off, but he is not impressed.

"They're a little better, but there's so much skin that's hanging from the bottom of my skin from shaving it like that."

So I give it a go. My feet feel and look noticeably better... but not "baby soft".

The Ped Egg can extend your time between salon visits, but it won't eliminate your need for a pedicure. If you want to try Ped Egg for yourself, don't waste your money on shipping and handling - it's sold in major drug stores and Walmarts in our area.

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