February 21 RESTAURANT REPORT: improperly thawing chicken

How do you thaw your raw meat before cook it? Restaurants are required to either thaw it in the refrigerator or under running water. That helps ensure the meat is kept at safe temperatures so you don't get sick. A Chinese restaurant got written up for doing it the wrong way.

It happened at China Wok at 9502 Chamberlayne Road in Hanover. Among its 4 critical violations, the report says it used improper methods to thaw chicken. It says the chicken was thawing in a bucket of standing water at room temperature. But the staff corrected that and other violations immediately. And China Wok had zero violations when the inspector returned a week later.

In Chesterfield, Mystiq Masala at 13249 Rittenhouse Drive had 4 critical violations. The inspector wrote that plates and other dishware were soiled to sight and touch. They were cleaned and all violations were corrected during the inspection. Mystiq Masala earned a perfect score on the next inspection the following week.

Jimmy John's is used to delivering their gourmet sandwiches. But this time we delivered the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to the restaurant at 12000 Southshore Pointe Road in Chesterfield, after they aced nearly every health inspection they've had over two years.