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Chesterfield man found guilty of animal cruelty for starving dog


A Chesterfield man can never own a pet again. 66-year-old Carroll Dyke now faces community service and must pay a fine for the death of his dog. Back in October, a neighbor found Dyke's dog dead shortly after contacting NBC12 about his condition.  

"Bo" - the pit bull mix - suffered tremendously before his death. A letter from the vet's office that performed the dog's necropsy states that Bo died an extremely inhumane death that could have been prevented with the proper medical care. 

It's a good day," said neighbor Ashley Baker.  "He was found guilty. Justice for Bo!" 

In the necropsy report, a number of problems caused the dog to die. Some include: fluid in his chest, parasites, infections, and a failed liver.

Bo's decline was obvious to Baker, and our cameras were rolling the day she called us for help - only to find Bo deceased in Dykes' backyard.  Dyke admitted his dog had stopped eating weeks before he died. 

Dyke stated he didn't have the money to take care of Bo - and never contacted Animal Control or a vet for help. He thought his 12-year-old dog was just getting old, but the prosecution didn't buy that- saying indifference is at the heart of the crime.  

"I would encourage people if you see anything like this happening, don't be afraid," Baker urged. "Go call Animal Control, call police. Get some kind of record - pictures, video. I'm very thankful for Channel 12 for coming and responding and helping me" 

NBC12 also tried speaking to Mr. Dyke outside the courthouse,  but he declined to comment.  Dyke has 10 days to appeal. If he doesn't, he will start his community service.

Dyke will not face any jail time for the offense, as long as he stays on the right side of the law. He was sentenced to pay a $100 fine, serve 100 hours of community service and to never own a pet again. He was also sentenced to 12 months in jail, but the entire sentence was suspended. He will be put on probation for three years.

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