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Homeowner's self-defense killing of robbery suspects strikes chord with gun advocates


While authorities continue searching for a suspect in a Prince Edward home invasion, many are cheering the actions of the homeowner which left two other suspects dead.

Three armed men stormed into a house on Prince Edward Highway early Sunday morning, while a father and his two-year-old son were home. According to investigators, the homeowner fired his gun at the intruders, killing two of them. Their identities haven't been released. The third suspect is still at large.

The homeowners decision to shoot at the home invasion suspects struck a chord for many. A post about the story on the NBC12 Facebook page received nearly 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

The very first response was from Kevin A. Anderson who wrote back nearly immediately with an emphatic, "Homeowner justice!"

Nearly every comment agreed. Jacob D. Neighbor's wrote, "Without a gun he and the child would probably be dead instead of the intruders."

"Good thing the homeowner had a gun to protect himself and child," commented Anita Smith Hicks.

"This is what guns represent to the average American - a more level playing field when evil rears its head. My heart breaks that this man was put in this position - but I am so glad he still had the right to defend himself and child," wrote Dawn Walker Fitchett.

While the tone was almost celebratory at times, some did express reservations over the cheerleading over two lives lost. Still, with almost 1,000 people sharing this story, many wanted others to know about the homeowner's actions.

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