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Putting the 'Gripgo' to the sticky test

The Gripgo The Gripgo

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Having a place to put your cell phone or GPS while driving can be a pain unless you spend a few bucks on a fancy holder for your dash. This week I'm testing out a product that many viewers have requested I try. It's called the 'Gripgo,' and it promises to keep your phone or GPS snug in one spot while you drive. I 'Try It Before You Buy It.'

By now I'm sure many of you have seen the television commercial for the 'Gripgo.' You may remember the guy that attaches his cell phone to the 'Gripgo', hangs it out the window of his moving car and shakes it like crazy. Of course, the phone stays stuck the product and never falls off. But does that happen in the real world?

The product claims to have a super sticky, mess free attachment that your phone or GPS will attach to. You can install the product on your windshield with a suction cup mount or to your dash with a separate mounting tool. I ran my tests with the 'Gripgo' stuck to my windshield.

I found that the 'Gripgo' does hold a cell phone snugly, for the most part. If your phone has a rubber case, you will want to remove it before installing your phone to the 'Gripgo.' I found my rubber case wouldn't allow the phone to adhere to the secret sticky pad well enough for it to stay for any length of time. Especially if you're driving on rough roadways. After removing the rubber case, my phone pretty much stayed in place for the test.

My next step was to test the fabulous claim the 'Gripgo' was so strong at holding phones and GPS devices that you could shake it and not have your device fall off. That test lasted all of about 15 seconds before my phone hit the ground! Actually, the phone did stay stuck to the 'Gripgo', but it was the swivel joint in the mount that goes on your car that couldn't withstand the shaking. It came loose and fell off the main mounting bracket. Now, I have to say, shaking your phone out the window of your moving car is something most of us will never try. But if you have a moment and you're feeling a little daring, I still wouldn't attempt it!

Overall, the 'Gripgo' wasn't a total failure. It holds a cell phone pretty well if mounted correctly. However, you must clean the sticky mounting head of the 'Gripgo' frequently as any dust or lint in the air or on your phone will stick to it, and that greatly reduces its ability to hold the phone. It cleans easily under the tap and then let it air dry.

I found the 'Gripgo' at Walgreens for approximately $13 plus tax.

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