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Stray bullet strikes Midlothian home with family inside


Some Chesterfield homeowners are up in arms after gunfire during a weekend party struck a neighbor's home in Midlothian.

The incident happened Friday night at Hockliffe and Brading lanes, in the Collington subdivision, not too far from Spring Run Elementary. 

One of the bullets hit the side of a home and went straight through a bedroom.

"Just the fact that someone could be in their house carrying on daily and be struck by a bullet, that's crazy," said Loren Morgan, who called police when he heard the gunfire.

The family whose home was hit didn't want to speak on camera. They live right next door to the home where neighbors say a rowdy party continued into the early morning hours, Saturday.

A bullet hole can be seen in the pillar on the front porch of the home where the party was held. A man inside said the hole was from Friday's incident and his wife's son hosted the party, however he didn't say what led up to the shots.

Police say those bullets starting flying in the street near the home. Sunday, officers were back out in the neighborhood gathering leads and talking to neighbors, including Michael Quigley, who lives across the street and says this isn't the first time these homeowners have held wild parties.  

"How unhappy can I claim to be without jumping up and down screaming? Absolutely beyond the pale. It shouldn't be happening here," said Quigley.  

"What I heard is the party kept going on even after the police showed up to investigate the shooting, so I'm not sure why that was permitted to continue," Morgan noted. "The ones I saw in front of my house were not of age to be drinking. Kids are going to be kids. You like to give them some leeway, but when there's gunfire and homes are struck, that's too much."

Police say they have not made any arrests at this time.

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