NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Power of the Bully

By: Kym Grinnage email

Bullies. You know them. You see them everyday and you have seen them since childhood. Bullies are in the schoolyard, in the neighborhood, in the church and at work. The work of the bully can sting for a minute, but last for a lifetime. And often, the bully's work is methodical, precise and cunning.

Bullying can be subtle or overt. Intimidation or an unkind word may be overlooked as something else, but many times it's the art of a bully. When you hear the word bully, does someone come to mind? Many times those feelings have been with you since childhood, even when the bully is no longer in your life.

Most bullies are insecure cowards who practice their craft through physical, emotional or mental abuse on a daily basis. If you see a bully in action or you know of one, you must do something. If you are the victim of bullying, tell someone you trust. If you don't intervene personally, you must bring it to the attention of the authorities in charge. That might be a manager, a parent or a teacher. What you should not do is ignore it. If you suspect that a child is the victim of bullying, staying silent may scare that child for life.

So bullies beware, we are watching you and we will take your power away by exposing you for the coward that you really are.

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