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NBC12 and special guests do the Harlem Shake


NBC12 is doing the Harlem Shake!

The viral video meme is a little bit like the Gangnam Style (which we took on last year), but much more bizarre.

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The videos all share the same music by artist Baauer, and are about 30 seconds long. They usually start with a bunch of people going about their day, while one person dances, most often in a helmet or mask. Things get odd when the music drops about 15 seconds in and everyone goes nuts. Participants are often suddenly in their underwear or some other strange costume, like the firefighters seen in this video.

We enlisted the 12News Today team, several of their co-workers, and some mascots from around town to see if we could make our version go viral.

WATCH other Harlem Shake videos

The trend seems to have started with a video posted by Filthy Frank and took off when user TheSunnyCoastSkate did their rendition - a bunch of guys dancing around what appears to be a dorm room (warning, one dancer is in his boxer-briefs).

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