MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Product testing - Fast Bright

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Over time, ultraviolet rays and road debris can turn your car's headlights cloudy and dull. The product "Fast Bright" claims to restore them to showroom bright.

The going rate on headlight cleaning is about a hundred bucks, so I am going to try the "as-seen-on-TV" product Fast Bright instead, since it only costs $10.

It claims to restore my headlights to showroom bright in 30 seconds. It comes with two bottles and a sponge. First, I need to clean the light with a damp cloth. I pour a dime-size of the step one liquid onto the orange side. I rub the abrasive substance in a circular motion all over the lens for about 40 seconds.

Then step two. Pour a generous amount on the blue side of the sponge and apply it to the light. Wipe it away to reveal your new headlight.

But only half of it really polished up, so I repeated the process, pressing a little more firmly during step one. Fast bright got more of the fading off... but not 100%.

Showroom bright? No. Better than it looked before, yes.

My headlights are brighter, and if it's enough to get me past next year's inspection, I think it's worth the investment. But there may be an even cheaper alternative - and it's something everyone already has.

Toothpaste is mildly abrasive and is designed to polish. I put some on a clean rag and rub the parts that are still clouded. That cleared it a little more, but not all the way. But in my opinion, it sure beats paying $100.

Alternative cleaning methods include using car polish or different grades of wet sandpaper. If you want your hard work to last, the light needs a sealant. Those can be found at any automotive store.