February 14 RESTAURANT REPORT: Health Dept. holds hearing

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - In this edition of the Restaurant Report, a hotel restaurant was called in to the Health Department for an informal fact finding hearing after the inspector noted nine critical violations and wrote that the kitchen was one of the dirtiest they've been in. I went to talk with the hotel manager and he showed me that since then, they have turned things around.

We arrived unannounced at Crossroads Bar and Grill inside the Holiday Inn at 2000 Staples Mill Road in Henrico and talked with General Manager Robert Peters.

When we asked him about the inspection, Peters told us, "We had to retrain our staff. We retrained the people that were trainable and eliminated the people that we needed to eliminate."

One of the nine violations was that potato salad and pasta salad served unprotected to a group in a banquet room was re-served.

Said Peters, "We eliminated that personnel and brought in new people that knew more of the health standards. We recently had the health inspector come back in and she found no violations."

Peters told us the new staff is ServeSafe certified and the kitchen has been cleaned. He showed us the inspector has now given them a clean bill of health.

"Nobody likes to have the health department on their back," Peters said. "It's important to me because we like to run an honest and good clean facility."

Our next stop was McDonald's at 15700 Woods Edge Road in Chesterfield, which had 4 critical violations, including that an employee used the same gloves to sanitize the counter and handle raw sausage and a bagel. Violations were corrected during the inspection, and all of them were taken care of before the follow-up inspection ten days later.

We delivered the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to the Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center in Chesterfield where the hospital's food service has aced four health inspections in a row.

Said Director of Nutrition Services Ruth Ann Smith, "We serve a critical population because we have patients in the hospital that are here because they're not well. So its our mission to make sure we contribute to their health and well being."

They tell us the patients even send them thank you notes on their order tickets.