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Jurors to determine sentence in River Road deadly hit and run


A courtroom surprise, Wednesday, in a deadly hit and run trial in Richmond.

Wednesday evening, the same jury that convicted 30-year-old Elias Webb couldn't reach an agreement on the punishment he should get for killing bicyclist Lanie Kruszewski. So, the judge sent them home and told them to return tomorrow morning.

Emotions were high in the courtroom. Both sides gave final testimonies before the jury went in to deliberate on a suitable punishment.

Lanie's sisters say the last few months have been difficult for the family.

"It was moving to get up there and speak to the jury about everything for me, and to have it brought back I can't say I don't understand what the other side is going through I can tell they're going through a hard time too, we're very glad the verdict is guilty," said Leah Kruszewski.

The prosecution wants prison time - saying Webb should have stopped, and shouldn't have just driven away.

"We believe all the actions and words Webb spoke were very cowardly and just trying to avoid punishment so we're very glad the jury saw that too," said Leah Kruszewski.

"We're all looking forward to the sentencing tomorrow, we'll probably have more to say after that," said Jackie Kruszewski.

Jurors will be back at the courthouse tomorrow morning at 9:30. They will receive orders from the judge, then go back inside their room and deliberate. Webb could face up to 10 years in prison for felony hit and run.

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