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Chesterfield school leaders respond to recent weapon incidences


Chesterfield school leaders responded to the string of weapons which have recently popped up in county schools.

The latest incident involves Patrick Hailey, 18, of Cosby High School. Hailey is facing charges for allegedly having a gun and several knives in his car, in the school parking lot.

This is one of four similar cases, in Chesterfield since last month. Another knife had been discovered in a car at Cosby High School. A father was also accused of wearing a gun into Davis Elementary, while picking up his child. In January, a knife fell from an 11-year-old's backpack at Bensley Elementary School.

The school district's superintendent, Marcus Newsome, says Chesterfield teachers and staff are well aware of how to identify and intervene with these types of threats.

Since the devastating elementary school shooting in Connecticut, A weapon brought to school may now trigger a deeper level of fear.

"Our community is at a heightened awareness," said Newsome. "Over the past several weeks we have reinvested more attention, more energy (into school security)."

"We got together with our employees, and made sure they were aware of the policies and procedures we have in place which are numerous out there in terms of protecting our kids," said school board chairman David Wyman, of the measures the district took after the Connecticut shooting.

"Many of our employees have children, and they're concerned for the safety of their own children, as well as our students," added Newsome.

Chesterfield school leaders also say they support the governor's school safety bills, which toughen laws on bringing guns to school and protecting anyone who reports a campus threat.

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