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Veteran reacts to President's remarks on war in Afghanistan


President Obama's announcement to withdraw troops from Afghanistan hit home for many East Texans with loved ones serving abroad.

Dale Galyean is a Vietnam veteran whose grandson is following in his footsteps and is now a Private First Class in Afghanistan.

"He wanted to go, he wanted to go fight for his country, and I wished he hadn't," Galyean says

Galyean helped his 20-year-old son make the decision to join the army but he thought the war in Afghanistan would be over.

"I didn't realize he would go to Afghanistan this quickly."

Sanchez has been in Afghanistan for four months.

"He's got five more months and that's five more months of every day you can lose your life."

Galyean says President Obama's promise to end the war by next year is just a promise, "Actions, you know he said a lot of things in his first election but what happened?"

He believes the United States will never win in Afghanistan, "We've done nothing but lose a lot of young lives and I lived that in Vietnam and I don't want to see it again, especially not with my grandson."

Galyean says, instead of making empty promises, people in Washington need to work together.

"I just want the country to come together. I want the Republicans and the Democrats to quit fighting over stupid stuff and do some good for this county and get our boys back home."

Politics aside, this veteran says every soldier's family is facing the same reality, "We are all hoping for the best and dreading the worst."

Galyean says he has not heard from his grandson in more than three weeks but has been able to Skype with him several times since his deployment to Afghanistan.

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