VA. Sex Trade

Hi it's Sabrina,

Sex trafficking is big business and experts say it's booming in Virginia with 12 to 14 year old girls as prime targets.  Tonight at 11, a young victim tells how she was picked up at the mall and forced into the sex trade.  Plus you'll hear from the head of a state non profit  pushing  for tougher laws against child sex trafficking.

A local dad says the book his 10 year is supposed to read for Black History Month  is racist, riddled with the N word.  Now school leaders are taking action.  We'll tell you the results of their book review at 11.

A poster for the award winning play, "The Colored Museum" at VCU is also making people very uncomfortable.  They worry about images on the poster being plastered around campus.

Plus the latest on the fire at a cabin in the California mountains where  a fired ex- cop on a killing spree was barricaded.  Police say there was a single gunshot before flames erupted.  We've got new details on the manhunt when you join us at 11.