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Hit and Run trial: Webb testifies about night of crash


In day two of a deadly hit and run trial the man accused of causing the crash testifies in front of the jury.

31-year-old Elias Webb is accused of causing the crash that killed  Lanie Kruszewski as she was riding home from work last July.

Webb took the stand for a little more than half an hour telling the jury about the night. 

A number of people testified on Tuesday including detectives, forensic experts, Webb's date the night of crash and the medical examiner.

While we've rarely seen Webb express any public emotion since the crash, when the medical examiner showed the jury Kruszewski's autopsy photos, Webb started to cry.  Kruszewski's mother left the courtroom during that testimony.

The medical examiner told the jury Kruszewski had numerous injuries including a crushed skull, numerous abrasions and so many fractures, the medical examiner could not count them all.  She said Kruszewski died from blunt force trauma.

Webb has maintained he thought he hit a deer while driving down River Road and didn't realize that he had hit Kruszewski until the next day.

The jury also heard from forensic experts who presented their reports from evidence gathered at the crash scene.  It included impressions similar to Lanie's bike found on Webb's car spoiler.  And a smear on Kruszewski's white tank top could have come from a rubber strip attached to Webb's Dodge Durango.

The woman who went out on a date with Webb on the night of the crash also testified.  She told the jury he picked her up at her home around 6:30 p.m. where she offered him a beer.  She said they had a large meal at The Melting Pot Restaurant where he drank 1.5 glasses of red wine.  A waiter also testified that he saw Webb drink that amount.  Both witnesses told the jury Webb did not appear intoxicated at all when he was done with dinner. 

A better timeline of when Webb told someone about the crash was also presented in open court, but not in front of a jury.  Webb said he told his father around 12 p.m. the day after the crash, that he believed he had hit Kruszewski.  Webb said it took about four hours until a deputy Commonwealth attorney was contacted about the crash.  Webb says that deputy Commonwealth attorney told him to go to the Richmond Police precinct the following morning and he considered this call to be when Webb turned himself in.  But this testimony will not be presented to the jury because, according to the court, a statute does not define the Commonwealth's attorneys office as the proper law enforcement entity to report a crash of this nature.

The defense also presented character witness who said Webb is an ‘excellent' person. 

Wednesday is scheduled to be the final day of the trial. It resumes at 9:30 a.m. at the John Marshall Courthouse.

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