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Community reacts to Norwood's departure


As soon as the news broke about former Richmond police chief Bryan Norwood stepping down, NBC 12 went to the community to find out how you're reacting and there seems to be some strong opinions.

News of the police chief's sudden departure is hitting a lot of people pretty hard.

"I don't know what's wrong with him," Carrie Spruill said regarding Mayor Dwight Jones' announcement.

"I want my chief back," she added.

There were similar sentiments spread throughout Richmond.

"He did do a lot for this city," said Calvin Faulk.

Tuesday, Mayor Jones made it clear it's time for change in the city's police department. Shortly after, faith leaders made their stance clear too.

"I look at his genuine care and concern for the citizens. I mean, I've seen that in action myself," said Pastor Butch Johnson of the Northside Outreach Center.

At a recent rally, Norwood took to the streets alongside faith leaders in a show of unity.

"We're here to help this community," Norwood told the crowd.

Larry Miles is pastor of Fresh Anointing Cathedral, the site of another rally Tuesday night, originally planned to show support for Norwood.

"I don't understand all of the politics. I wanted him to keep the chief," Mile said.

He points to reduced crime and a personable attitude that made the former chief stand out.

"People do that when they come into second terms. They pick their own administrative teams on who they think will work best with him and we'll respect that. We don't have to agree with it but we definitely will respect it," Miles said.

But Spruill isn't offering that same friendly gesture.

"We had a good chief. We had one of the best chiefs anyone could think of…everybody wanted him to stay here," she said.

The rally with faith leaders will still take place Tuesday evening at 6:30 at Fresh Anointing Cathedral. Organizers say it's to still show their support for the former police chief as well as the new one.

Faith leaders say they've scheduled a meeting with Mayor Jones next week to tell him how well Norwood worked with the religious community and how they would like to see those same traits in the new chief.

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