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Possible landfill changes worry Chesterfield community

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Chesterfield residents spoke out Monday night on what they believe could be hazardous material shipped into their county.

Currently, the Skinquarter landfill takes in leaves and other brush. However, its operators are pushing the county to allow two other kinds of waste, fly ash and fluff. Fly ash is a coal byproduct. Fluff is residue from car parts.

People who live in the area say burying the waste could contaminate their air and water, while adding heavy truck traffic.

"We don't produce these items in Chesterfield County. Why truck somebody else's problem here?" questioned Bob Olsen, who lives in Chesterfield.

Residents expressed worry over whether the potential contaminants could possibly leach into the water system or blow into the air.

"Whatever is put in there, they've acknowledged the drainage field will move towards Lake Chesdin, which is the primary water supply for Chesterfield and the immediate area," said Charlie Davis of the Brandermill neighborhood.

However, landfill operators say the material isn't hazardous by EPA standards. Skinquarter also plans to put a heavy-duty liner in place to keep the waste secure.

Another concern was the expected increase in traffic on Hull Street Road. The landfill is expected to bring 600 additional trucks transporting to and from the site. A traffic study shows that overall traffic would only increase by up to 4 percent. Still, the crowd didn't seem convinced.

"I'd like to see them (the county) block the request for the permit for the fly ash and the fluff," said Kipra Niermann, who lives in the area.

County administrators say they don't stand to gain anything financially by allowing the landfill to ship in this kind of waste.

The issue goes before the county's planning commission on April 16, when there will be another public hearing.

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