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Coming up on the news at 11.   Hanover animal control is warning residents about a rabid fox on the loose, that's attacked two children.   We talk to the kids' grandmother who describes how she fought the animal off when it snuck into her living room!

A Richmond store owner says she is frightened after being robbed by three men in the middle of the day.   Her security camera was on and captured a good shot of one of the crooks.  Police hope someone sees our news and recognizes the thief.

Plus, several area homeowners are resting easier tonight after a police foot chase ends with the arrest of a suspect in nine home break-ins.   Authorities spotted him leaving the scene of the crime with goods in hand.

We've got the latest on the monster  blizzard bearing down on the Northeast and causing problems for travelers along the eastern seaboard.   Check out the dramatic pictures when you join us at 11!