MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Product testing - Grout Bully

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Professional grout cleaning can cost hundreds of dollars, making "as seen on TV products," like Grout Bully, seem like a good deal.

When we remodeled our spare bathroom four years ago, we installed new lights, a new sink, fresh tiling in the shower and beautiful hexagonal tiles on the floor. The grout in the corner still has pristine white grout, but the middle has turned a nasty brownish hue.

So for $10, I give Grout Bully a try.

It claims to clean, renew and redesign my grout on contact with its "advanced nano-technology formula." You line it up, press it gently and apply then wipe off the excess.

The directions say to use gloves. I don't have any, so now I'm out another $3 for those. I give it a shake and start to apply. It dispenses like shoe polish, but it's easy to keep in the lines because of the plastic tip in the middle of the brush.

The grout lines are pretty thin, which means more Grout Bully is left on the tile than I expected. After about five minutes, my hand was getting tired, so I let it dry for two minutes. The product comes with two sponges that are supposed to remove excess product. When I try to get it off the tile, it's not coming off as easily as I'd like.

So I put a dab of water on it and gently wiped the tile, avoiding the grout lines. Voila! that worked. I let the Grout Bully sit for two hours before anyone walked on it.

It's really glorified tile paint. I had a few spots that could use a second coat, but overall, I thought Grout Bully worked well. The process was simple, didn't take much time and made my grout look a lot better for only $13.

If you want to try grout bully, don't waste your money on shipping and handling buying it online. It's sold in most major drug stores as well as Walmart.

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