12 ON YOUR SIDE: Homeowners try to sue elusive window contractor

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A homeowner, suing to get his money back from contractor Mark Johnson, met two others trying to do the same thing, at Henrico General District Court.

All three left the court empty handed. Nobody can find Mark Johnson.

No one from his company showed up for court.

I later learned the homeowner unknowingly named the wrong person as the registered agent on the warrant in debt. I called that person, and what he said magnifies the mystery of the elusive contractor.

The law offices of Charles Pittman Jr and Associates, Virginia Beach, VA sent an email. I showed homeowner John Davis.

It talks about the contractor Davis gave a deposit to last October and never got his fourteen windows.

"He's being deceptive, according to this registered agent. He's not associated with the national company is what they're saying. (Not now?) Not ever. That's what they say."

Attorney Pittman says the Clear Choice Windows company, for which he's a registered agent, has never done any work in Richmond.

He says Mark Johnson appears to have a corporation with a deceptively similar name - Clear Choice Window Company of Richmond.

That web address displays the Clear Choice Windows USA logo. I have yet to get a return call from numerous messages left at that 240 number.

The corporate office number confirms what attorney Pittman says - there are no company locations in Richmond.

"(Is this the Mark Johnson that you did business with?) It looks like him. It does look like him. Yes."

Davis verified a picture for us.

"(You think that's him?) I think that's him."

So did a second allege victim who called 12 and told his story to one of our volunteers off camera. He was at the courthouse with Davis Monday and says he's out $3,000.

Impact marketing Reach Magazine was also at General District Court looking for the contractor who didn't show.

We got a lead on where his mom lives and we may actually make a trip out there to see if we can track him down there.

Next stop, Mineral, VA. I wrote a message similar to the phone messages I left last week and the week before. The door stayed closed and the messages unanswered.

Johnson's mother did answer once when I called. She listened, hung up and never answered again.

Henrico General District Court continued the case until next week. If the allege victims can't get a good address for Mark Johnson, it may be continued again.

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