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Richmond to fine people who leave trash cans out

Richmond is getting tough on people who put their super cans out too early and leave them out too late. Beginning March 11, violations will come with a hefty fine. It's in line with a city ordinance that's been on the books since 2007. Since the city now has five new code officers, leaders say they can start better enforcing violations.

In this case, one man's trash is not another man's treasure.

"It will be a motivating factor for me for sure," Rodney Johnson said.

He often sees his Richmond neighbors, particularly businesses, leaving their super cans out full of trash for days.

"There's nobody there to man the place on the weekends, so they have to put it out Friday and it's picked up on Monday," he explained.

It makes for days of trash sitting out in alleys and other right of ways that isn't just an eyesore - it's also a violation of a Richmond city ordinance.

Sharon North with public works says many residents do it too and now the city has had enough.

"If the cans are out, it may impede someone from walking on the sidewalk or it may obstruct where people are able to park their cars," she said.

Richmond is gearing up to charge violators $50 for putting their trash and recycling bins out earlier than 4 PM the day before collection. Then, come 7 am the next day, if they are still out, that's another fine. 

Shanea Kirk says $50 is a lot of cash.

"In the times we are right now, for me personally it is," she said.

But she agrees it might be what's needed to get tough on those who have no regard for leaving their trash out.

"You're not asking us to do a whole lot. Just do it the night before," Kirk said.

"If everybody see everybody else doing it, maybe everyone will pitch in to try to make the place look decent," said Alphonso Dawes.

City leaders say when a person is found in violation they will put a sticker on their super can and send a letter in the mail. If the can hasn't been moved, the city will charge $50 dollars per day until it's moved from the right of way.

You can expect to see fines for violators come March 11. This only applies to city property like alleys and medians. The city can't enforce trash cans stored on private property.

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