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Charges certified against Chesterfield man said to have killed wife and mother


A Chesterfield judge has certified 2nd degree murder charges against Tony Williams to a grand jury. Williams is charged with stabbing and killing his wife last November.

The gruesome details surrounding Mia William's homicide have been unfolding since November. We've learned police found Mia's body with a knife stuck in her chest- that her child called 911 for help. 

The detective who interviewed Williams several times in the hospital took the stand for the preliminary hearing. She said Williams told her the fight started when Mia asked for a divorce. Then she says he told her the fight escalated from the garage, then to the foyer and to the kitchen.

At one point, the detective said Tony Williams reported disabling the Internet. Testimony indicates Mia grabbed a knife and stabbed Tony. In court, the detective said Tony told her he wanted Mia to know what that pain felt like too.

Prosecutors say Tony stabbed Mia 23 times, 3 times fatally.    

The detective testified that when she talked to Williams, he said he told his children he loved them and that he got in his car, "knowing his life was over". She says at that time he made three phone calls. One to his best friend, one to his brother, and one to his mother.

The detective reported that Williams thanked his best friend for always being there, asked his brother to be a father to his children, and apologized to his mother.

Detectives say Tony Williams claims he snapped the night he reportedly killed Mia. 

The detective also reported that Tony showed disbelief when he found out Mia was dead.     

The case will go before a grand jury sometime in March.

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