Coming up at 5: Chris Brown in trouble, House transportation bill, Acts of Kindness

Los Angeles prosecutors say Chris Brown likely faked his community service records, which show his labor in and around Richmond, and call the accounting by the Richmond Police Department "inconsistent, unsubstantiated and unverifiable." Now, sources tell NBC12 News Chris Brown's connections helped him get special treatment.

The House voted 53 to 46 in support of a transportation bill (HB 2313) that closely reflects Governor Bob McDonnell's transportation plan. Now, all eyes head to the Senate to see if it will take similar action. Brent Solomon is at the State Capitol with a breakdown of where lawmakers stand.

Two families, three adults, seven children, one home... what sounds like a blueprint for chaos, is a powerful lesson in love and compassion. Sabrina Squire helps dozens of employees at a downtown Richmond company recognized an extraordinary co-worker in today's Acts of Kindness.

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