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Gun brought by 7-year-old to school belonged to relative


A 7-year-old Henrico boy accused of bringing a loaded gun to school Monday will not be back at Ratcliffe Elementary Tuesday.

Henrico police now say he took the gun from his home and that it belonged to a family member. So far, no charges have been placed, as School Resource Officers are consulting with the Commonwealths Attorney's Office. 

The 2nd grader could have had a gun on six different stops. No action was taken until students got to campus and reported being threatened with a gun.

Police and school officials haven't disclosed where the child got the gun, but gun store manager Richard Hall says it's time parents wise up and start locking up their guns.

"Gun owners get bad raps," said Hall, who is fed up with all the stories of gun misuse. "In a perfect world you wouldn't need it. In a perfect world we also wouldn't have locks on houses."

Keep in mind, the cost of the gun locks range anywhere from $3 to as much as $300 for a gun safe.

"I wish all the guns would go away and they would stop bringing them to school," said parent Deborah Johnson.

Johnson is one of many parents who took her child out of school for the day. Richard's convinced the scare could have been avoided with lock and key.

No charges have been filed so far, but we do know police are talking with commonwealth attorneys. 

There are no plans to add more security.

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